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5 Questions To Ask Before Buying

Knowing What to Ask Can Help You Buy Your Dream Home

Before you even consider making an offer on a property, there are a few vital questions you need to ask your real estate agent to get the right information.

Below are the top five question that the REBAA recommends you ask before signing anything.

How did you price this house?

Typically, Mr Rose says, houses are much harder to value than units where buyers can easily compare like for like. By asking an agent how they put a value on the house, they are then obliged to provide a list of comparable properties in the area and present their justification for the asking price. Mr Rose reminds buyers that your number one priority is to make sure you are not overpaying and you are getting good value for money. The only way to do this is to research comparable houses and selling prices in the area. To help you understand the current property market – download our free myMarket report for national, regional and local updates.

How long has this property been on the market?

The length of time a property has been up on the market is a good indication of how ‘stale’ the property may be. A long time on the market means buyers have not viewed it favourably and this could impact on the sale price. The REBAA says that buyers should also ask whether the property has been listed with any other agents prior and whether it has been on the market previously in the past year. This is a good gauge as to whether the property may be overpriced and whether the vendor may be more motivated to sell.

When was the last time the property was sold?

The selling history of a house can tell a buyer many things. If it has exchanged owners several times in a short period, this could tell the buyer that there may be problems associated with the house that are not immediately obvious. Some examples of this could be potential flooding, plumbing issues or even bad neighbours. In addition, Mr Rose says understanding what it was last traded for, along with the expectation on price, will provide you with insight as to how the house has performed.
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What are the reasons for selling?

It is always important to know the reason the owners are moving on, the REBAA warns. Often knowing the reasons for selling can help with the negotiation. If the owners are deemed ‘motivated’ to move on – they have bought elsewhere or they are in the middle of a property dispute – then the balance of power could swing favourably towards the buyer.

What improvements have been made to the house and have they been approved by council?

The sales price history of the house may not reflect a recent renovation or extension and therefore this will need to be factored in to your offer price. Likewise, any extension will need to have the appropriate certifications from council. Your solicitor or legal representation should be vigilant on this point.

4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden Before You Sell

Feed the Seeds

Have you shaken off the winter blues and stepped out into your garden this spring, only to find it overgrown and messy? Cleaning up your garden can seem like a massive undertaking – especially if you’re preparing the home for sale and have a hundred other things you need to do.

Winter can be cruel to your lawn, leaving bare patches and uneven levels of unkempt grass, especially if you were unable to stay on top of maintenance during the colder months. First of all, you might need to use some weed killer to remove any unsightly visitors. To then revitalise your grassy areas, make sure to sow grass seeds, and add some slow-release lawn food. You may have to re-turf, but remember that a crisp green lawn will be a real asset when it comes to selling your home.

Trim and Slim the Trees

It’s a strenuous job, but those loose tree branches can be hazardous, especially with kids running around in the summer. Any low-hanging branches or parts that are blocking sunlight you want on your home should be cut back, but check with neighbours and local councils if they reach over a fence – you may need to get a permit!

Mulch Mulch Mulch

A great way to refresh plant beds and border your lawn with a bit of colour is to add some mulch. You can pick up many varieties at local garden stores and dispense it as you see fit! A nice shade to contrast with your green grass can make for a real eye-catcher for anyone who glimpses your lawn.

Herbal Remedies

By planting a herb garden nice and early, you won’t just have your seasonal seasonings prepared well in advance for sunny dinner parties – you’ll be creating a beautiful look and a strong aroma around your outdoor area. Use a hanging basket if you are short on ground space, otherwise a wooden trough can make for a wonderful homely look for your herb patch. Visitors and buyers alike will be rushing over to get a taste!

Some of the jobs will be time consuming and annoying, but the payoff is absolutely worth it. A well-trimmed, perfectly laid out garden area is something every homeowner dreams of, and any potential buyers who see it won’t be able to help but fall in love with it.